‘Vengeance Is…LIVE’ Review

Translated from Greek – Written by Άγγελος Χόντζιας

Live releases are particularly important for bands. On the one hand, they have to prove that they can perform their tracks in live performances as well as gain some time to rebuild and write new material for a next album. Reverence, they seem to win from both of these elements, with “Vengeance Is … Live”.

The Reverence, created in 2010 in America and playing heavy / power metal. Their influences, from the classic periods of Savatage, Queensryche and Judas Priest, with loud interpretations, stunning riffs and extraordinary solos.

They released the “When Darkness Calls” in 2012, with critical reviews, which put them in a prominent place in the metal scene, early in 2015. They released “Gods Of War”, showing extraordinary maturity in both synthetic ideas and playing. In 2016, Scott Oliva replaced Todd Michael Hall on vocals after the latter entered the Riot V. They started writing the new album when they suddenly lost Pete Rossi, guitarist of the band. After recruiting Paul Kleff, a former Metal Church and Firewolfe guitarist, they decided to dedicate their new EP “Foreverence” to the late Pete Rossi, writing their new work, expected in 2019.

“Vengeance Is … Live” could be described as comfortable as a Best Of album, since it contains some of the band’s best songs from all of their albums so far, so here you will find some of her heavy / power hymns such as “When Darkness Calls,” “Until My Dying Breath,” “Bleed For Me” and “Angel In Black.” It also includes “Race To Obscene,” with the monumental riff. You will find three tracks from EP “Foreverence”, “Firelord”, “Phoenix Rising” and “New Order”, where the world gives a thundering presence, singing with the band.

Interestingly, the two cover performances at Savatage’s “Power Of The Night” and “The Wasted Years” by Iron Maiden are two of their influences. Especially in “Power Of The Night”, they have done a terrific job as they have brought them close enough to their sound, without losing anything from their original version. The album closes with the “Revolution Rising” listener’s favorite.

The band seems pretty tied, showing an outstanding live appearance. Terrific interpretations, communication with the world and highly riffs and solos make the album one of the most interesting live releases.

I think that the friends of the band will be overjoyed by the appearance of the band. Perhaps the best live traffic for this year.