12/15 ‘Vengeance Is…LIVE’ Review Translated from German REVERENCE – Vengeance … Is live Album title – Vengeance … Is Live Label / Sales ROAR / Soulfood Homepage Release 12/07/2018 Running time 72:52 minutes Author Thorsten Dietrich Rating 12 out of 15 You like US (Power) Metal? Read More ... ‘Vengeance Is…LIVE’ Review Translated from Greek – Written by Άγγελος Χόντζιας Live releases are particularly important for bands. On the one hand, they have to prove that they can perform their tracks in live performances as well as gain some time to rebuild and write new material for Read More ...

88/100 ‘Vengeance Is…LIVE’ Review Translated from Dutch Written by Bart C.    Reverence is an American heavy / power metal band, they have two albums and an EP on their account. They have existed since 2010 and they thought the time was right to release this live album Read More ...

80/100 Lords Of Metal ‘Vengeance Is…LIVE’ Review

Reverence – Vengeance Is… Live Label : Roar | Archive under heavy / power metal Release type: Full-length CD Nima : This American “all-star” band featured singer Todd Michael Hall and bass player Ned Meloni (both from Jack Starr’s Burning Starr), ex-Tokyo Blade guitarist Read More ...

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