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Reverence: Vengeance Is … Live

Translated from Dutch

Reverence is an American power metal band whose members have already gained a lot of experience in other bands. Reverence was started in 2010 and previously created an EP, two singles and two full-albums. When this ‘Vengeance Is … Live’ was recorded (a live recording), the second EP, ‘Foreverence’, was not there yet and as a result two songs are announced as “new songs”. The other tracks are of course found on one of the two previously released studio albums: ‘When Darkness Calls’ (2012) or Gods Of War ‘(2015) supplemented with two clever cover versions: Iron Maiden’s’ Wasted Years ‘and Savatage’s’ Power Of The Night ‘. Immediately you will also know where Reverence gets the inspiration, although you can also name Judas Priest and even Dio. For the rest, Reverence proves that they have a face and that they can impress live with an inspiring and powerful live set that can set many a venue or festival meadow on fire: what are European promoters waiting to give this band a chance and once to step from the calibrated paths? The fact that the gentlemen are not innovative does not have to be a part of the game, as the five of them know quite well. Melodic, well-dosed, but especially inventive guitar solos and super strong vocals can live on powerful and solid basic structures that are formed by pumping bass lines, energetic drum patterns and powerful riffs. What more do you want as a power metal enthusiast? We are already looking forward to new work that will have to be placed on the shelves next year, while in the meantime we are once again going crazy with this live registration from Reverence.

Luc Ghyselen (80)

Rock Of Angels Records

Tracklist: 1. When Darkness Calls 2. Until My Dying Breath 3. FireLord 4. Angel In Black 5. Too Late 6. Bleed For Me 7. New Order 8. God Of War 9. Power Of The Night 10. The Price You Pay 11. Race To Obscene 12. Phoenix Rising 13. Vengeance Is Mine 14. Wasted Years 15. Revolution Rising