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Reverence - Vengeance Is Live (ROAR !, 07.12.2018)

 Rainer December 7, 2018 Metal, Reviews
After the three strong releases "When Darkness Calls", "Foreverence" and "Gods Of War" you may even think about a live album. Apparently, Reverence not only thought about it, but also implemented the whole thing directly.

If you do not know the band yet, you have to be told, they are not newbies. The musicians of Reverence have been active on Savatage, Tokyo Blade, Metal Church and Dee Snider. These are not the worst references for Reverence.

Anyone who knows the listed bands, will also suspect where the musical journey goes. US Power Metal, but in a more modern style, is announced.

The tracklist is then also composed of the songs of the three previous studio releases. There are cover versions of Savatage ("Power Of The Night") and Iron Maiden ("Wasted Years").

The sound of the live recording can definitely be described as raw. I think, Reverence have deliberately avoided a major aural aftertreatment and thus creaking "Vengeance Is Live" in some places powerful. But in times of overproduced albums that is almost pleasantly different.

The band is playful and shoot their powerful metal with force into the audience. My favorite of the album is the final "Revolution Rising".

Who is looking for a live album, which sounds unbridled and raw, that's right!


1. When Darkness Calls
2. Until My Dying Breath
3. FireLord
4. Angel in Black
5. Too late
6. Bleed For Me
7. New Order
8. Gods Of War
9. Power Of The Night
10. The Price You Pay
11. Race To Obscene
12. Phoenix Rising
13. Vengeance Is Mine
14. Wasted Years
15th Revolution Rising