7.5/10 Metal.it ‘Foreverence’ Review


I remember very well the enthusiasm with which I welcomed and reviewed the second full length of the US Reverence, which now recur with a new EP, “Foreverence”, where in addition to some unpublished and a cover of the Savatage, we also find two songs that anticipate a imminent live album, which will also be followed by a new album studio. But “Foreverence” is also a sad tribute to their guitarist Pete Rossi, who died in March 2017, and, in fact, he collects the latest test testimonies with the Reverence.

They also change some of the traveling companions who are associated with what was the historical group of the Americans, namely the late Pete Rossi, the other guitarist Bryan Holland (Tokyo Blade) and the drummer Steve ‘Doc’ Wacholz (Savatage and Crimson Glory) In fact, Scott Oliva (Oceans of Night, Wind Wraith and Inner Strength) took over the voice, while on the bass we find Russell Pzutto, on guitar Paul Kleff and Tony Rossi as drummer for live dates.

No change in musical direction, which was and remains a solid Power Metal Made in USA, and after the arpeggiated introduction that gives the title to this release, is the powerful “Firelord” to confirm it and to highlight as much an effective guitarwork as the Skill of Scott Oliva, who also manages not to regret his predecessor, that Todd Michael Hall, which we still got to appreciate again in the Riot V and Jack Starr’s Burning Starr.
And “Phoenix Rising” is even better, a song in line with the last Dickinson solo revised under the lens of Power & Speed ​​stars and stripes, energetic and with a catchy refrain (not as effective but the counter-counters) and with a ‘ excellent overall proof. Less immediate the next “New Order”, a well-timed mid-tempo that takes thrashy nuances to the Helstar or Vicious Rumors, but also here very few holds to possible criticism.
“Final Flight – RIP PJR” is a guitar solo, and as the title points out, not to forget Peter J. Rossi, grappling with what was perhaps his last recording with the band. And here is “Edge of Thorns” the cover of “Sleep”, an acoustic song, sad and intense, I think I was specially chosen as the last goodbye to Rossi.

Finally, it touches the bonus tracks, both were part of the first Reverence album, “When Darkness Calls” (2012), two of their best songs that also leave their mark and are probably a testimony of the European tour held in 2013, which should replicate during 2018.

A look at the past and one at the future. They deserve both.