9/10 FFM Rock ‘Foreverence’ Review

‘Foreverence’ is a Gourmet Bar at its finest for the powerful melodic metal at the highest level between SAVATAGE and CRIMSON GLORY. Great! Ffm-Rock Online Magazin (Official) 9/10



REVERENCE, the band around former SAVATAGE / CRIMSON GLORY drummer “Dr. Killdrums “Steve Wacholz returns after two strong full-length studio albums (‘When Darkness Calls’ and ‘Gods of War’) that have been released within the past five years, with an EP just released just before Christmas (more precisely: today). It includes six studio tracks, with two live recordings added as bonus, giving thirty minutes of total effective playtime. Great melodies, killing guitar riffs, charismatic vocals, tight drumming, powerful bass chords, captivating leads solos are here to heaps. Above all is enthroned the outstanding no-questioning vocals of Sinners Prayer-Shouter Scott Oliva, whose evocative, deeply penetrating charisma is felt with every note. What impresses most is the great moment of tension in connection to superberb melody, as well as rapid energy releasing rhythm / tempo changes In addition to heavy metal power food of the type “Foreverence”, “Fire Lord”, “Phoenix Rising” that commemorates Peter J Rossi letting good two minutes interlude “Last Flight” the bridge to the last piece. Wistful SAVATAGE yearning and hopefully at some point one day come true reunion of the Mountain Kings arouses the inherited from the ‘Edge of Thorns’ phase dream ballad “Sleep”. The live material “When Darkness Calls” “The Price You Pay” can record it playfully as sound technically with the Foreverence EP.

Conclusion: ‘Foreverence’ is a gourmet at its best for the powerfully melodic metal at the highest level between SAVATAGE and CRIMSON GLORY’s swearing fanbase. Great! 9/10