HollowFest Show Review

Special Thank You to Mark Vander Zanden for the kind Live Review of our set at Pure Steel Hollowfest 2017.

Reverence ­– Some people call Reverence a super group as it features a lineup of some pretty heavy hitters in the metal scene, but I really hate that label to be honest. To me, super groups are fly by night promotional hoopla and that isn’t Reverence at all. Reverence are a premiere group that are vastly underrated and as far as I am concerned (and many others as well I’m sure), they should be headlining tours and criss crossing the country with their incredible musical talent. This is my second time seeing them (and first in several years) and each time they downright amaze me with their sound. It comes over crisp with a strong mix of blend and melody. Tonight was no exception and they once again brought a headlining performance into their mid fest spot. Day two is just one hit after another at this point. Seriously, why weren’t they later on the show?