8.3/10 ‘Gods of War’ Review – Drużyna Spolszczenia

The second album REVERENCE was released in November 2015. The composition included heavy metal bassist OVERLOADED Michael Massie, and his colleague Lorenzo Gonzales played guest drums in one of the compositions.

Also this time the group presents classic American power metal in a more melodic version, embedded quite strongly in the style of the 90s USPM, which survived as medium melodic, medium aggressive and medium complicated. Gods of War is very recognizable in this respect, where the typical heroic style of the melody is replaced in the chorus by a more classic style, with shouting backing vocals.
All in all, they are massive songs, seasoned with delicious guitar solos, but not always with ingenious melodies, which was also characteristic of heavy / power American 90s (Blood of Heroes, Choices Made, Cleansed by Fire.
The exception here is the Europower Heart of Gold, done exquisitely and spinning towards a fantastic chorus, absolutely killer chorus and sung by Hall with reckless accompaniment of the choir. A great chorus! Generally, there is something metal in the hair option, given intelligently in Until My Dying Breath, and if glam would be served so intelligently, it would probably be one of the most valued metal subspecies. It can also be heard in a very good, strong Angel in Black, a bit slower, but with properly roaring guitars. Tear Down the Mountain can also be included in the same category. Light melodic ballad song Splinter resembles such songs from the SKID ROW circle. One of the most classic references to the 1980s in USPM is the high-energy, partly speed metal Battle Cry with a beautiful guitarist duel, but here you can also see the chorus setting for the massively played heavy stadium metal. To some extent, REVERENCE goes along the Canadian STRIKER road.

The latest trends are Race to Obscene and this composition resembles slower heavy / power metal CAGE numbers.
Excellent vocal and guitar performance, although "Doc" could expect more dynamic and sophisticated licks. The classic American sound definitely prevails here, but it is polished and refined. Excellent readability and clarity. In 2016, Todd Michael Hall leaves the band and is replaced by veteran of the American scene Scott Oliva (WIND WRAITH and others) Unfortunately, in May 2017 Pete Rossi dies and this tragic event largely hinders the band's further activity. Paul Kleff from FIREWOLFE, also known for his concert performances with Vanderhoof at METAL CHURCH, becomes the new guitarist. In this composition the group presented the EP "Foreverence" in 2017.

rating 8.3 / 10