MedianManBlog ‘Vengeance Is…LIVE’ Review

Reverence-Vengeance Is Live Review


“When Darkness Calls,” starts things off. There is an edginess about the song, and the audience responds accordingly, allowing the band to venture into areas previously unexplored. “Until My Dying Breath,” sounds simply fantastic live, be it the monstrosity of the guitar riffs or the blinding vocals. “Fire Lord,” is slower, darker and much more menacing, delivering a solid thump. “Angel In Black,” a song filled with riffs and deliverance. “Too Late,” slow, menacing and chaotic. “Bleed For Me,” a fast paced monster, with some serious tonnage. “New Order,” is emphatic and epic. “Gods of War,” suitably menacing and spell binding.

“Power Of The Night,” a fierce song, filled with energy and aggression. “The Price You Pay,” a song filled with brutal riffs, and some interesting vocal arrangements, keeps the listener hooked from the get go. “Race To Obscene,” riff filled pile driver, and a brilliantly executed one at that. “Phoenix Rising,” sounds brilliant. “Vengeance Is Mine,” another song that delivers from the get go. “Wasted Years,” perfectly captures the band, filled with soaring vocals, and brutally executed riffs. “Revolution Rising,” fitting closer.

The album is out on 7th December via Rock of Angel Records.