8.5/10 ‘When Darkness Calls’ Review – Drużyna Spolszczenia

REVERENCE was founded in Detroit in 2010 on the initiative of Todd Michael Hall (BURNING STARR, later also RIOT) and "Doc" Wacholz (SAVATAGE, CRIMSON GLORY) and was immediately hailed as a "super band". The group set a goal to record an album with music typical of US Power Metal, without progressive inclinations SAVATAGE and classic heavy BURNING STARR.
This is also the album, filled with strong American power riffs with elements of thrash (When Darkness Calls, Phantom Road, Gatekeeper) and the sophisticated solo play of the guitarists sensational, which was to be expected, with Hall's vocals, which avoids high-pitched high-pitched singing typical of US Power and tearing up, using rather balanced singing of European or American singers from more accessible progressive groups.
The songs on this album are compact and confidently played, they also contain many attractive melodies. The style of the solos sometimes resembles the Sherman game of MERCYFUL FATE, although there is no special inspiration from this band. The guitarists' playing is at an extremely high level, and at many times it is captivating with inventiveness and amazing charges, dialogues and guitar duels. One of the most recognizable compositions is the sublime, mid-tempo Revolution Rising, dynamic and with a very good chorus Bleed for Me, strongly accented by bass.

Anyway, there are no weak songs here. Devil in Disguise is heavily inspired by classic heavy and even glam rock, but it was played almost in a progressive style and here you can hear how great Hall singer is. Disturbing dark atmosphere is not only the beginning of When Darkness Calls, but also Too Late, arranged in a quite modern way, with a hit chorus. Gloomy guitars make a great impression in The Price You Pay, there was also a place for an excellent song with the features of a monumental ballad in so many 80s - After the Leaves Have Fallen.
In Vengeance Is Mine they alluded to the "armored" US Power. The backing vocals have been prepared with great care and this is a real support for Hall, not just shouting in the background. Of course, "Doc" showed here his usual skills and it's a pity that for personal reasons he did not play here in all songs. Of course, Toni Rossi also stood up to the challenge and his parties may not be so subtle, but certainly successful. Nice bass, but hardly audible outside of Monster.
Very good, selective sound, set up for guitars and Hall in the foreground, and with medium loud drums.
To sum up - US Power is intelligent, accessible, devoid of strength, and power is generated by the skills of guitarists. Sometimes it happens that these "star" bands can't do anything meaningful as a team.
This time is different. Very good playing.

rating: 8.5 / 10