Totentanz Magazine – ‘Foreverence’ Review

Reverence – Totentanz Magazine (DE)
The US metal band REVERENCE had, after two great albums, in the last two years a lot of plug. Not only did Todd Michael Hall leave the band in 2016 to focus on Riot V. In 2017, guitarist Pete Rossi died suddenly and unexpectedly. So the EP “Foreverence” is definitely a tribute to the deceased guitarist, who can be heard here for the last time in the solo “Last Flight”.
However, comparisons with Savatage have to be consistent with Reverence. With Steve Wacholz, an ex-savatage wanderer is sitting at the kettles and the new singer is named Scott Oliva, but is not related to the Savatage brothers Jon and Chris (RIP). Scott follows in a big way, but can fill it surprisingly well. With his powerful, slightly rougher, organ he sounds harder than his predecessor and is reminiscent of Savatage singer Zak Stevens. On top of that, there is a cover version of the Savatage song “Sleep” (from “Edge Of Thorns”). To finally come to the essence, on “Foreverence” are with “Fire Lord”, “Phoenix Rise” and “New Order” three new songs. All strong classic US Metal rammers in the best sense of the word, who live equally from the great vocals and the strong guitar work and every fan of the Savatage early works should run perfectly. With the two live versions of “When Darkness Calls” and “The Price You Pay” (no Savatage Cover), the successful 8 Track EP gets at least 30 minutes. Great band, good EP … you should have on the screen.