Forgotten Scroll ‘Foreverence’ Review

Translated from Greek

Well, because the quality US Metal releases are now one in a million and we are seeing them with the band, the appearance at the forefront of any US Metal band playing in the right way and even releasing albums is not just a news but a major event.

So things are simple: whenever such an album appears, we simply have to stop doing what we do and fall with the faces in a listening / analyzing and comprehensive way. I do not know about you but from the time I heard the first notes from the Reverence recorder, I’ve come into such a process.

So I’ll start with the basics: Scott Oliva. If you have the slightest link to steel from normal Epirus, then your radars immediately turn on because it immediately comes to mind, the name of the Inner Strength gods. Now if you are even more made your fancy will be even more active and bring to your mind immediately will bring to mind some other familiar names: Wind Wrath – what are the two albums! -, Last Vision Black

After we got the names, however, we would like to mention that Mr. Bryan Holland has passed a moon from Tokyo Blade, while Steve “Doc” Wacholz was Savatage’s main drummer from Avatar Eve to 1995. If you are looking at line up you will see and have participations in bands in each member, gallons and beer.

Naturally, all of this would have absolutely no significance if Reverence had not released this album. Yes in “Forevermore” I am referring. Not that I expected something average – like anyone who has some contact with their previous two albums and their EP – but here our friends probably finished it. Protracted US steel, bulky, rhythmic. He looks directly at the Helstar school, but concentrates more on riffology. It will bring you into the mind of the Glory of the Astronomical era, but have also fully digested that piece of Metal Church that corresponds to two simple words with which the whole issue and the many analyzes: US Metal begins and ends.

It is logical in all of this rhythmic war machine that Oliva finds space to stretch his vocal epics. Either creating lyric contrast, or taking off each piece with an aggressor – but not a silhouette. US Metal for headbanging. In a few words.

The entire album is dedicated to Peter Rossi, the guitarist of the band that left last March. Perhaps this may justify in a sense the charged climate that exists in every composition here. But they put their ear in “Last Flight” they wrote it for him.

Anyway, I already wrote a lot. We have a private label – I know you like, private, me too – US Metal release. No more thought.