Rock Garage – ‘Foreverence’ Review

Reverence – Rock Garage

While excellent Stuido albums are on the good side of REVERENCE’s American Power Metallers and you’re in the middle of the songwriting session for the next studio album.

In between, however, the boys are pushing this special EP in which the band member and guitarist Peter J Rossi, who died in March completely unexpectedly, is dedicated to his last compositions.

A great idea as I think! In addition to the new songs, there are two more live tunes to serve as heaters for the band’s upcoming live album. Oh yes, unfortunately, the band carousel has turned at REVERENCE and caught a very prominent name!

Because instead of the previous frontman Todd Michael Hall (RIOT V, JACK STARR’s BURNING STARR) is now Scott Olivia (WIND WRAITH) behind the Miko. Let’s see how the boy beats in comparison to his predecessor.

The opener and title track “Foreverence” is actually “only” an intro which introduces well.

The next song “Fire Lord” then bangs all the more and here the good Scott can show what he likes! Powerful drums and bass runs as well as cutting riffs are working their way into the ear canals here. A fine number!

Much rougher, but also again a tick catchy, then comes “Phoenix Rising” from the boxing balled and also quickly finds its way to our listening tip list.

And also the following “New Order” finds, after a moderate start, his way into the auditory canals and just mentioned list.

The instrumental “Last Flight” dedicated to the late band member Peter J Rossi and even the quiet “Sleep” afterwards.

The final live tracks are okay, but somehow only accessory and a warm up to the live album. 


Playing tips:

Definitely “Fire Lord”, “Phoenix Rising” and “New Order.


Conclusion :

No Question The New Fronter Scott Olivia is doing well on the EP and the tracks are top notch! 

Overall, however, a solid performance remains, which definitely makes you want for the next REVERENCE albums!