8.5/10 PowerMetal.de ‘Foreverence’ Review

Reverence – Powermetal.de 8.5/10
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Entertaining EP with a wistful background.

After a long time, the American power metal REVERENCE finally attract attention with the release of their new EP “Foreverence”. The background is unfortunately not pleasing, as the release can be seen as a tribute to the band’s guitarist, Pete Rossi, who died unexpectedly in March. You can hear four varied, more recent numbers, an intro, an instrumental and two live tracks, which can be seen as an appetizer for the beginning of the year 2018 appearing live album of the band.

Unlike their two already good releases “When Darkness Calls” from 2012 and the 2015 “Gods Of War”, the cast carousel has unfortunately also turned in the house REVERENCE and the formation a bit confused. There is no doubt that the vocals are the most striking change, as Scott Oliva (WIND WRAITH) takes on the extremely thankless task of adequately replacing Todd Michael Hall (RIOT V, JACK STARR’s BURNING STARR). But after a single run of the album all doubts about the success are thrown overboard and you have to congratulate the band on the choice of the new vocalist. He masters this Herculean task while effortlessly and his powerful, yet melodious voice, fits perfectly with the numbers presented.

Behind REVERENCE, Steve ‘Doc Killdrums’ Wacholz, Bryan Holland, Russ Pzutto, Scott Oliva and Paul Kleff are not newbies, but absolute persuasions, all with a lot of experience with other bands like TWISTED SISTER, SAVATAGE, CRIMSON GLORY, METAL CHURCH or TOKYO BLADE, were allowed to collect. The songwriting turns out to be demanding, and with ‘Foreverence’, a ballad-like intro, the listener is still carefully tuned to the three consecutive US metal gems called ‘Fire Lord’, ‘Phoenix Rising’ and ‘New Order’. The three mentioned pieces are the finest Power Metal of the American age and immediately invite the listener to join in the fun. On closer listening, the spirit of blissful SAVATAGE shimmers again and again, which is meant as a compliment. With ‘Final Fight’, a short instrumental composed only of a guitar solo, the late Pete Rossi will be admired again in action. The following emotional ballad ‘Sleep’, in which new singer Scott Oliva comes damn close to a Zak Stevens, also gives some pleasant goose bumps moments. The two final live numbers ‘When Darkness Calls’ and ‘The Price You Pay’ conclude the good 30-minute EP and also offer a great taste of the upcoming live album.

A more than worthwhile and entertaining purchase for all friends of well-kept US-Metal with a unfortunately very wistful background.

Mahoni Ledl