8/10 Reaperzine.de ‘Foreverence’ Review

Thanks Reaperzine.de for the great review of our New EP ‘Foreverence’.

Rating: 8/10 

That’s what you can call an EP! Even if the occasion for the release of “Foreverence” is not necessarily a joyous one, you can look forward to over half an hour of robust Power Metal from the States. Especially if he comes from such a prestigious house as REVERENCE, whose vita must chase down every respectful Metalhead’s respect. Yes, the scene has had many of its heroes buried in recent years, and in the case of losses like Warrel Dane and others, it’s easy to forget that the Grim Reaper does not stop in front of the heroes from the second row. Pete Rossi, longtime guitarist of REVERENCE, finally had to bless the time in March 2017. That you can hear him again on record now, would have certainly pleased him. 

And so “Foreverence” is both a tribute and an appetizer for the following releases. The EP contains four noteworthy new songs in its generous 30 minutes, whereby the title track is not included as an instrumental intro. “Fire Lord”, “Phoenix Rising” and “New Order” are equally wonderful Power Metal pieces that leave nothing to be desired in Metalheads of older and younger birth cohorts. Scott Oliva, freshman on the mic at REVERENCE (please do not confuse Jon Oliva), makes a solid impression throughout and rocks the numbers easily. Routine metal without many flourishes, uncompromising and cool. The biggest co-celebratory factor is definitely “Phoenix Rising” and “New Order”. The solo track “Last Flight” could almost be out of place due to the sound, if you did not take into account the fact that this is Rossi’s last message from the hereafter. I think guitar solo shows are on stage and not on an album, but in this case you have to make an exception. 

The worthy tribute is perfectly completed by the following ballad “Sleep”. I’m not exaggerating when I say that this is one of the best metal ballads I’ve heard in recent years. Just wow. Very much feeling, comprehensible text, the connection is immediately there. Perfectly performed. That is how it goes. The Livetrack “When Darkness Calls” is also carefully selected, its initial sounds fit so beautifully to the last chords of “Sleep”. “The Price You Pay” completes the very generously equipped EP and leaves mixed feelings behind. On the one hand, one wonders that the supposed album is over so quickly, on the other hand, time itself seems to have passed quickly. Remarkable. 


So, whoever is still unable to classify REVERENCE, I would recommend the powerful CLOVEN HOOF for reference. In general, no lover of European or overseas heavy or power metals should not value these veterans. The urge to Fistraisen is already very big when listening to “Foreverence”. And that’s what a metal band has to be measured by. If it comes down to it – REVERENCE have it.