75/100 Loud and Proud.it ‘Foreverence’ Review

Reverence – Loud And Proud (IT) 75/100


In 2015, ‘Gods Of War’ had positively impressed many more traditionally underground metal lovers. Rightly so, because the second Reverence album was a great example of classic US power metal, ennobled by the presence of Todd Michael Hall, a member of the Detroit band since 2010. The three years that have passed from that record they brought a little revolution to the Reverence house, with the friendly release of the singer, focused on the Riot V, and above all the tragic death of the historic guitarist Pete Rossi. Just as a tribute to the companion, the Reverence publish this EP, which presents a handful of new songs and a couple of live tracks, taken from a real album that will be released during this 2018.

Under the heading, a new entry weight in the person of Scott Oliva, former vocalist of Inner Strength and Wind Wraith. The basic recipe does not change, the four unreleased tracks give us the same excellent impression of that time, starting with the gritty ‘Fire Lord’. ‘Phoenix Rising’ and ‘New Order’ compete for the title of disco highlight, more melodic and involving the first, more square and scratchy the second – Scott Oliva uses dirtier tones than Todd Michael Hall but makes a good impression, the guitarwork is excellent, especially in the solo and harmonic phase. ‘Last Flight’ is a guitar solo opera by Pete Rossi, ‘Sleep’ a delicate ballad imaginary dedicated to the guitarist himself. Two live tracks round off this EP signed by Reverence, an absolutely pleasant album that refreshes the memory of a band that is worthy of attention.