4/5 AllAround Metal It ‘Foreverence’ Review

Reverence – Allaround Metal (IT) 4/5

An ep in memory of the disappeared comrade for Reverence
Authors of a couple of good records, including the beautiful “Gods of war” of 2015, the Reverence publish this ep “Foreverence” as a tribute to their guitarist Pete Rossi, who passed away last March.
Here we find some new songs and a couple of live pieces that will be included in the live album that will see the light in the coming months. In short, an interesting output for every lover of power / heavy metal, able to combine power and melody even if, for those unfamiliar with the band, the advice is to go and look for their latest album “Gods of war”, beautiful example of melodic US power. The “Firelord” riffone starts this work, immediately highlighting the excellent heavy ugola by Scott Oliva, while the intense “New order” shows the most rocky side of the American band, recalling something of the Brautstorm Teutonic. “Last fight”, dedicated to Peter, is a short instrumental, followed by the beautiful lentone “Sleep”, rather classic but certainly successful. Finally the two live pieces are recorded and performed really very well!
As said, an interesting work that shows in a handful of songs all the talent of this band, both in the studio and in the live venue. Waiting for the new full length, “Foreverence” makes us spend an abundant half hour of good heavy / power!