10/10 X-Crash ‘Foreverence’ Review

Reverence – X-Crash (DE)

What can one expect from a band where a certain Steve “Dr. Killdrums “Wacholz (ex-Savatage) is sitting behind the shooting gallery and an Oliva is swinging the microphone? Exactly: high-quality, traditional Metal. And that’s exactly what you get, even if Oliva hears the first name Scott (ex-Wind Wraith) and not Jon, and is singing different paths than the earlier Savatage and Jon Oliva’s Pain Sirene. In addition, here are with Bryan Holland (ex-Tokyo Blade) and Paul Kleff (ex-Metal Church) two more not unknown unknowns at work. The “Foreverence” EP pops very official and powerful produced from the boxes. Certain Savatage bonds (such as “Fire Lord”) may occasionally squeeze through, but on the whole we are offered straightforward, catchy Power Metal. The entire EP, but especially the instrumental “Final Flight”, is dedicated to the late 2017 guitarist and band co-founder Pete Rossi. In the Savatage cover song “Sleep” from the 1993 “Edge Of Thorns” album, vocalist Scott Oliva can impressively prove that he does not have to hide at least for the newer date Savatage songs. The EP is decided on by two live songs (“When Darkness Calls” and “The Price You Pay”), which are intended as appetizers for the live album scheduled for April 2018. If you like melodic Power Metal without keyboard ballast, you should give Reverence a chance.