7/10 Musipedia Of Metal ‘Foreverence’ Review

Thanks to Musicpedia Of Metal for the nice review for ‘Foreverence’!


Reverence: ‘Foreverence’ (Razar Ice Records)

The new record from US power metal band Reverence’s new EP is a tribute to their guitarist Pete Rossi, who passed away unexpectedly this past March. The EP is the follow-up to 2015’s Gods Of War and also features two bonus tracks from their up and coming live CD, due out next year. The music is conventional US power metal, solid heavy riffs, sturdy drumming and vocalist that can shout to the heavens. The title track instrumental opens the record, after this the first ‘proper’ track kicks in with flurry of guitars then eases into a mid-paced groovy metal track, the quicken up on Phoenix Rising, go a bit doom on New Order and channel their inner Van Halen on the guitar solo Final Flight before ending the studio tracks with Queensryche-esque ballad. A good 6 song metal album with two live bonus tracks for good measure, a good EP that reminds you that Reverence are still a going concern. 7/10