4/5 Handwrittten Mag ‘Foreverence’ EP Review


Translated from German – 
The 2015 album “Gods of War” by the American power metal formation Reverence has been very positively remembered. I became aware of this band because former members of Savatage, Tokyo Blade and Metal Church have joined together.
Since 2015 is now some time elapsed, unfortunately lead guitarist Pete Rossi has died in the meantime and the release of the EP “Foreverence” is seen by Reverence as a tribute to their late band colleague. Some of his last recordings are also heard on the songs of this EP.
Anyone who knows and likes the debut album and “Gods of War” can also look forward to this EP. “Foreverence” contains six new songs and two live recordings. These recordings will probably also be heard on the upcoming live album.
The first track is a short intro. “Firelord” is then the first complete song. It seems that the band has focused on their genetic and continues to raushaut songs, which are clearly oriented to early Savatage and also Tokyo Blade. The song is very formative. The melody guidance of this song reminds me a little of the colleagues of Nevermore. These are not the worst references for Reverence.
“Phoenix Rising” screws up the tempo a little. The song is, in my opinion, the highlight of the EP. Very hot melody, great vocals and fast guitars. I’d like to hear more from you.
Luckily, there are even more songs of this quality class. “New Order” convinces with its fine guitar riffs and with “sleep” the band leaves a successful Savatage-cover version on ears of the listeners, and the band also proves that it can also do ballads!
The two live tracks “Darkness” and “Price you pay” make an appetite for the announced album!
Power metal fans watch out! Mandatory purchase!