Gods Of War – Review by Metallus (IT) 7.5/10

Reverence – Review by Metallus (IT) 7.5/10

Reverence – Recensione: Gods Of War

Genere: Heavy Metal | Power Metal |
Etichetta: Razar Ice Records
Anno: 2015

Are not many bands today that can claim to be able to hold his ground in comparison with the past of the American power metal. Among these surely you can enter the Reverence of the talented singer Todd Michael Hall, not coincidentally also chosen for the role of lead vocalist last album Riot and for Jack Starr’s Burning Starr,

Flanked by quality musicians, including drummer Steve ex-Savatage Wacholz, our brings to light a second job that is coupled to style and attributes shown with the first, valuable, episode of the discography. We are talking of a solid and melodic power of pure heavy metal mold USA, built on a foundation inevitable as the precision of the rhythm, the sharp riffs and always shining voice of Todd.

Rarely open discussions with the European School of the genre, as from the title track, put at the beginning, it is clear that the Reverence prefer to act using average times, the pace of full-bodied and very groovy rhythms and vocal lines and to rely totally the melodic guitars harmony songs.

Compared to “When Darkness Calls” increase significantly melodic songs, as the choruses of songs like “Angel In Black” or “Heart Of Gold” and the ballad “Splinter”, but there are both epic rides a “Gods Of War “and the power of relentless fighting and” Battle Cry “the darker side and aggressive like that, well represented by” Tear Down The Mountain “(which recalls not just the first Metal Church).

Perhaps a bit of imagination and a few more finishing guitar most valuable are the only things missing in a disc that overall remains very positive and that can only be appreciated by those who love a certain understanding of heavy metal.


Track Listing
01. Gods Of War
02. Heart Of Gold
03. Until My Dying Breath
04. Angel In Black
05. Tear Down The Mountain
06. Blood Of Heroes
07. Battle Cry
08. Choices Made
09. Splinter
10. Cleansed By Fire
11. Race To Obscene