Gods Of War – Review by Made In Metal (ES)

Reverence – Review by Made In Metal (ES)

Second album from this power metal supergroup consisting of members of bands like Riot V, Jack Starr’s Burning Starr, Tokyo Blade, Arrest, Savatage, Crimson Glory and others.

Although no advantage given the push that debut, When Darkness Calls, for three years in the music world right now is a long time, the band has released a work that does not need to look back. Being a professional, all the songs have the unmistakable stamp of the compositions that will last over time. They have also won in compositional maturity, if that can be said of composers who have been doing this job for a long time. What is certain is that this album sounds very homogenous.

The group is the hallmark of good choruses, like “Blood of Heroes” and “Gods of War”, songs that give you a clue which way the letters. The touches are present as Iron Maiden tunes such as “Heart of Gold” and striking vocalist Todd Michael Hall, although it has never been in Savatage, it has a similar style vocal lines, but has been Steve ‘Doc’ Wacholz that formed part of the prestigious band of Florida. Songs like “Tear Down The Mountain” is remembered much. When we hear “Battle Cry”, with the influence of Crimson Glory, we think how it is possible that the drummer has not put his ideas in the composition. An impressive song.

But not all the influences come from bands where the musicians worked previously, because that input “Choices Made” remind us of the eternal Dio. In the end, the result is a handful of catchy and able to stay in your head over and over songs without getting bored.

All songs were written by Bryan Holland and Pete Rossi, with lyrics by Todd Michael Hall. The CD was recorded at Black Pearl Studio and Sound Studio Ottawa. Produced, mixed and mastered by Sid Garcia at Sight 16 Studios and co-produced by Bryan Todd Holland and Michael Hall. The cover art was created by designer Jobert Mello SledgehammerGraphix.com

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01. Gods Of War
02. Heart Of Gold
03. Until My Dying Breath
04. Angel In Black
05. Tear Down The Mountain
06. Blood Of Heroes
07. Battle Cry
08. Choices Made
09. Splinter
10. Cleansed By Fire
11. Race To Obscene