Gods Of War – Review by Getmetal (Sweden) 3/5

Reverence – Review by Getmetal (Sweden) 3/5

Reverence consisting of Todd Michael Hall (Riot), Bryan Holland (Tokya Blade), Steve Wacholz (Savatage, Crimson Glory), Pete Rossi (Overland) och Michael Massie (Overloaded), so it is a mix of musicians who least knows his business.

US Reverence we find in Detroit, and they do the least heard worldwide. The idea of starting a new power metal band came by guitarist Bryan Holland and vocalist Todd Michael Hall, and in 2010 so was formed Reverence. The debut album “When Darkness Falls” was released in 2012 and so the band went out on a tour that was magnificent. Second studio album, “Gods of War” will be released on 4th November 2014.

Yes, that’s no mistaking that this is a power metal band we are dealing with, it sounds already high and apparently on the first track, which is also the album’s title track “God of War”, certainly, the song is pretty impressive, but it does not feel particularly unique to derive in power metal world. It does not feel like there will be any special surprises, unfortunately, on this album that one would wish for. But certainly, the song “Blood of Heroes” So when it produced any longer, the chorus is almost a hallmark of how a chorus should be in power metal. One can see quite clearly that influences come from the members’ previous bands, but I see this as a plus. It can not be all too easy to mix everyone’s desires and past experiences with previous bands. Several of the songs contain brilliant riffs and some solos is like velvet to the soul, and a perfect example is the song “Splinter”, but it still feels like they do not reach all the way out correctly.

Misinterpret me right, it’s not necessarily a bad album, then I would also like to say that this album is actually better than the debut album in some aspects. But you hear the music, you hear the song that they could press more, they could go further than this. Reverence, you can do better than this!

Best: “Splinter”
Worst: Some guitar solos are too lengthy.

Rating: 3/5