REVERENCE LIVE CONCERT REVIEW – Very Special Thanks to Mario van Dooren for posting this and for giving us some very kind regards, thank my friend, we hope to see you next year!

REVERENCE & VOODOO HIGHWAY (26 September 2013)
Rock Temple, Kerkrade, The Netherlands
Review by Mario van Dooren.

Right on time I arrived at the Rock Temple in Kerkrade. Just after a few minutes since I came in the support band Voodoo Highway from Italy (which replaced the lately cancelled Vision Divine) started with their show of pure Rock ‘n Roll! Not really refreshing stuff but nice music to warm up for the mighty Reverence! Mostly bands that play The Rock Temple have standard a good sound and today it was great again!

Only during the first songs of REVERENCE their was some acoustic feedback….. In the meantime visitors joined me to see one of the best shows of this year; REVERENCE!!!

REVERENCE is a band that was formed around guitarist Bryan Holland (ex-Tokyo Blade), Doc Wacholz (ex-Savatage) and the awesome singer Todd Michael Hall (also Jack Starr’s Burning Starr). Ive seen singer Todd Michael Hall in April during the Keep it True festival and he was my personal winner of this years KIT! Awesome voice! On the sleeve of the album he is still having extreme long hair but nowadays his hair are even shorter than mine Live drummer Doc Wacholz is replaced by a former Tokyo Blade drummer which name I forgot…. Their album :When Drakness Calls” is an awesome album which I spinning around in my cd-player regularly!! \ Around 9:30 PM Reverence starts with the title track of their album “When Darkness Calls”, followed by “The Price you Pay”, “Gatekeeper”, “Monster”, “Devil in Disguise” (not the Elvis edition), “Evil Never Sleeps” (Burning Starr), “Revolution Rising”, “Phantom Road” and a few other songs.

After “Phantom Road” Bryan Holland played a short guitarsolo and the bands continues with Tokyo Blade’s “Night of the Blade”. Next songs on the bill are “Bleed for Me”, “Power of the Night” (Savatage) and “Too Late”, followed by a guitarsolo of Pete Rossi. Due the fact that the band only has 1 album so far, they attracted us with some more covers “Another Thing Coming” (Judas Priest), “Wasted Years” (Iron Maiden). “Vengeance is Mine” is the last song of the album but also the last regular song of the set. After that the boys from Voodoo Highway joined them on stage to sing all together Dio’s (Rainbow) “Long Libe Rock ‘n Roll”. A great evening with awesome musicians, a good sound and a band that sparkles fun on stage!! Only little bummer was the fact that they didn’t play the best song (Ballad) of the album “After the Leaves have Fallen”…..